Sevenseas specialise in engagement and motivation of multiple stakeholders to work collaboratively to achieve defined goals for community, organisations, business, government and individuals. Experienced in group and workshop facilitation, we work to ensure stakeholders are valued and actively engaged in every process we design.

Strategy, Stakeholders & Solutions

Community Consultation

Consultation and strategy designed to meet your objectives. Experienced in engaging with community, regional and government leaders and business organisations to progress social, economic, environmental, infrastructure and strategic results. We listen effectively, take in information about needs, opportunities and specific objectives to achieve our client’s goals.


Sevenseas have undertaken many First Nations consultation projects for government, community and business clients. Sevenseas have a deep respect for and recognise the knowledge and experience of Traditional Custodians of Country in Australia.

Sevenseas is a panel member for Department of Planning Industry and Environment – Water in NSW, providing culturally appropriate consultation services to First Nation Traditional Custodians for Water Resource Planning in the Murray Darling Basin in consortium with Engine and Gidgee Group.

Stakeholder Engagement

Sevenseas are specialists in the design and delivery of effective stakeholder engagement strategies and bring extensive experience in working with community, business and government.

Mindful of ensuring effective engagement, and creating enjoyable experiences, Sevenseas bring creativity and innovation into engagement and facilitation practice, which clients observe delivers significant additional value to the project results.

Regional Specialists

Sevenseas are committed to creating sustainable outcomes for regions and are connected, experienced and passionate about regional development and representation. We offer vast experience and understanding of regional strengths, issues, needs and opportunities and bring expertise in regional development, strategy, stakeholder engagement, extensive networks and connections across regional Australia.