Sevenseas specialise in working closely with our clients and communicating with multiple partners to motivate change and address complex issues, to create solutions in a creative and collaborative way. We work with people who want to make a difference through projects of any scale to create well-constructed sustainable solutions.

Strategy, Stakeholders & Solutions


Sevenseas bring vast experience and understanding of local, state and federal governments and have undertaken consultancy contracts for each, developed targeted engagement campaigns, identified and secured resources, won major contracts and tenders and have held significant roles in funding and policy. Sevenseas offer an in depth and practical understanding of policy and systems, and advice that assists in navigating solutions at each level of Government.


Sevenseas recognise the value of partnerships and collaboration and work with a wide range of stakeholders in community, businesses, organisations and government, to broker and coordinate sustainable solutions and partnerships at regional, national and international levels, with a focus on achieving constructive shared goals.

Sevenseas work with our partners ENGINE, South Australian Centre of Economic Studies and Sandpiper Communications to develop project specific partnerships that ensure effective scalable solutions can be achieved.

Project Management

Sevenseas are experienced in project and program design, management, and implementation.

Sevenseas specialise in working with our clients to design and manage projects and related elements including policy, systems, research and consultation models, that address need and achieve desired outcomes. Sevenseas have designed, and delivered hundreds of successful projects with a well-managed, connected, and collaborative approaches that achieve the desired outcome.

Evaluations, Reviews and Research

Delivering scalable evaluation, reviews and research working with organisations, communities, and business across a range of demographics and project objectives. A strong track record in translating complex data including employment, education, social welfare and economic findings into policy relevant service and practice-based recommendations.

Experienced practitioners in undertaking culturally sensitive and inclusive research and evaluations, Sevenseas specialise in working with Aboriginal people, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse groups and/or other vulnerable populations in culturally appropriate and sensitive ways.


Sevenseas value environmental custodianship and have an extensive background in the development and delivery of environmental projects and solutions.

Sevenseas have environmental management and sustainability qualifications within the team and have facilitated multiple sector leader forums on energy sustainability and futures, developed reports on renewable energy strategies, and have undertaken a review of aquaculture and wildcatch fisheries waste to identify options for future waste management in the seafood and aquaculture industry.


Sevenseas recognise the role of innovation and creativity in successful societies and offer extensive experience in the creative sector across regional development, state and federal policy and program management, direct application in arts strategy, cultural planning, design and the development and delivery of festivals and events.

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