Our Values

Engage, inform, connect, empower, and conduct business with integrity, trust, clarity and compassion.

Sevenseas care for people, our communities and our planet.



Sevenseas have undertaken numerous consultation roles including high-profile contracts for Federal and State Governments.  We bring key experience in regional development and planning, creative industries, environmental sustainability, research and evaluation, group facilitation and stakeholder engagement solutions.

The Sevenseas team offers a unique skillset and the ability to build and maintain trust, nurture strong partnerships through an existing extensive network, to bring all levels of business, government, and community together to achieve tangible results.

Andrea Broadfoot

Andrea Broadfoot

"We are a team of multi skilled professionals, experienced in the design of creative solutions delivered through partnership. We enjoy working with people who want to make a difference through projects of any scale. Life’s a short trip, let’s do great work.”

Jack Ritchie

Jack Ritchie

"Sevenseas add value to projects through our extensive network and broad skills, partnerships and experience, and deliver the desired outcomes for our clients, with sharp awareness of policy environments and the opportunity to activate meaningful change."

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