Sevenseas deliver strategic solutions for organisations, small, medium and large enterprise, government and communities, supported by trusted systems to achieve identified objectives.

Adept at advocacy and connecting our clients to services and strategies that address challenges and achieve identified objectives, Sevenseas can tailor a solution to match your requirements from a regional strategy to business specific goals. Sevenseas deliver sustainable results and work strategically to create effective solutions and tackle wicked problems.

Strategy, Stakeholders & Solutions

Strategic Planning

Sevenseas deliver strategic planning for organisations, enterprise and communities, supported by clear systems to achieve identified objectives. Effective and fun, with tailored approaches, to develop strategy that assists ensure the plan achieves its objectives, engages the team and attains identified goals. Our approach can be tailored to requirement and includes team building, facilitated workshops, and the practical strategies required to achieve the vision.

Regional Planning and Representation

Sevenseas Creative work in active partnership to deliver holistic and practical solutions in regional, community or industry-wide contexts with the demonstrated ability to bring together stakeholders and different policy areas to put creative solutions in place.

Sevenseas have an extensive background in regional planning and development, and the design and implementation of long-term project models and best practice approaches that achieve objectives and generate tangible results.

Business Case Development

Professional comprehensive business case development to support your business and/or enterprise objectives and the steps required to achieve them. Sevenseas have supported business, start-up enterprises, concepts and campaigns to create desired results.


Sevenseas have secured multi-million-dollar outcomes for our clients through direct engagement, connections to key stakeholders and policy makers, submission and grant and tender writing tailored for large, medium and small-scale projects. We offer pro-bono work for community organisations delivering strategic, social, economic and environmental outcomes. Sevenseas specialise in brokering resource commitments and funding to address the scope and increase the resource pool for projects.  Sevenseas use strategic approaches to mobilise resources from government and private sector investment.

Workforce Development

Sevenseas specialise in the design and delivery of comprehensive workforce development solutions at a regional or individual business level.

As a national response to the Global Financial Crisis, Sevenseas’ principals were two of 20 professionals contracted by the Federal Government in independent roles to deliver comprehensive regional plans and projects, engaging across all levels of government and business. These contracts delivered major job generating projects and strategies to protect and create jobs to mitigate the economic and social impact of the crisis on vulnerable regions of Australia.

Leadership Strategy

Sevenseas support the development of quality leadership and can design a leadership program that achieves defined objectives, in business, for communities, regions, enterprises, campaigns and organisations.


Sevenseas have developed skills and knowledge that can activate strategic solutions for regions to achieve social, economic and environmental outcomes. Sevenseas have worked on major energy sustainability and energy futures strategy, and industry wide waste solutions. Experienced in providing sound advice and strategy for procurement, policy and program advancement and implementation.

Sevenseas offer pro bono support to major initiatives that will lead to positive sustainable solutions for the planet.