Sevenseas Creative deliver results through action in collaborative partnership

  • Sevenseas broker and coordinate sustainable solutions and partnerships at regional, national and international level that deliver positive change with a focus on partnerships that bring people together to achieve a shared vision, goal or dream.  Sevenseas work with a wide range of stakeholders in community, business, organisations and government to achieve results

Environmental sustainability

  • Sevenseas have an extensive background in environmental sustainability and management projects having successfully developed industry specific recycling and sustainability programs as well as securing resources to action defined objectives.  Professional delivery of  research, report writing and facilitation of industry leaders forums to explore solutions for identified waste streams in the seafood and aquaculture industry on Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

Creativity, Innovation and Art

  • Sevenseas Directors are founding executive team members who co-designed, developed and delivered the inaugural SALT Festival in 2017 now a feature of South Australia's annual Festival calendar.
  • Jack Ritchie has held leadership roles in the development of arts policy and provision of advice to arts ministers and his experience includes:
      • Taking the lead in establishing nationwide regional cinema initiatives.
      • Development of the Community Partnership program with the Australia Council through a board member role.
      • Supporting multiple festivals and events, and initiating creative industries and programs.
      • Establishing culturally based National Arts and Wellbeing initiatives – Beyond Empathy.
      • Creating multi award winning films.
      • Well-connected Australia-wide across the arts, innovation and creativity sector.


Sevenseas are committed to quality leadership development in business, communities and through representative roles, and have designed and delivered a range of leadership programs and projects.

Strategic Workforce Development

Sevenseas specialise in the design and delivery of engaging projects that retain, upskill, or recruit your workforce.  Contracted by the Federal Government in independent coordinator roles delivering place based employment, education and training projects to respond to the Global Financial Crisis creating and saving thousands of jobs in priority employment areas of Australia.  Sevenseas bring a wide range of networks to our projects to deliver the solutions you require in partnership with quality proven providers.

Regional Development Specialists

  • With a combination of expertise in strategic leadership roles across regional development, and roles with community based, state and federal government organisations, Sevenseas Directors have brokered millions of dollars in co-funding to achieved regional objectives, achieved through innovative solutions and systems that lead to thousands of jobs being retained and created.  Instrumental in bringing all levels of community, government and business together in shared purpose.

Securing resources

  • Sevenseas have secured multi-million dollar contracts for our clients through grant and tender writing for large, medium and small-scale projects, programs and initiatives, including pro-bono work for community organisations with the ability to broker matched funding to grow the scope and resource pool projects.  Sevenseas specialise in the use of strategic approaches to mobilise resources from government and private sector investment.

- Strategic Planning - 

Strategy for business and community organisations

Sevenseas have skills and experience in strategic organisational and business planning workshops and sessions for clients in the private sector, community, not for profit and government entities.  We provide clear  steps, to develop your unique mission and vision aligned with defined values, supported by objectives and systems so you achieve your desired results.

 -Project Management- 

Coordination, facilitation to achieve shared success and results

Sevenseas have successfully coordinated, secured resources and managed multiple projects of varying size across Australia.  Adept at delivering engaging facilitated planning sessions, meetings and training programs to achieve shared vision and ways forward Sevenseas can design the strategy you need in partnership with you.

- Building Capability -

Specialising in developing employment, training and education solutions to engage the workforce you need

Creating replicable project models to achieve measurable results through engaging stakeholders and providers to deliver group work, training and facilitation.